The Ecumenist, v. 54, no. 1 (Winter 2017)


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Table of contents

  • The “Scandal” of Gay–Straight Alliances in Ontario Catholic Schools, Graham McDonough
  • Faith and Justice in the Era of Trump
    • As When the Sun Sets on the American Empire, David Pfrimmer
    • The Representation of Muslim Women in the Trump Era, Idrisa Pandit
    • An Election Victory for Vulgar Anti-humanism, Don Schweitzer
    • Trump, Conspiracy, and the Apocalypse, Carmen Celestini
    • Dialogue and Truth-Seeking in a Post-Truth Culture, Catherine E. Clifford
  • Book notes
    • Korean Canadians and the Scriptures
      HyeRan Kim-Cragg and Don Schweitzer, The Authority and Interpretation of Scripture in the United Church of Canada. Daejeon, South Korea: Daejanggan Publisher, 2016. 142 pp.