The Ecumenist becomes Critical Theology

The Ecumenist, founded in 1962 by Gregory Baum, has now become Critical Theology: Engaging Church, Culture and Society. 

Novalis Publishing is pleased to announce that the launch of Critical Theology: Engaging Church, Culture, and Society. Critical Theology is the new incarnation of The Ecumenist, a journal created by Gregory Baum in 1962. In fact, while the Ecumenist never lost interest in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, it has, since the 1970s, increasingly focused on issues of faith, peace, and justice. The editorial team decided that it was time to update the journal, giving it a new look, a web presence, and a more accurate title.

Gregory Baum developed the concept of “critical theology,” a theology in solidarity with the exploited, marginalized, victimized, and excluded. We are proud to be heirs to that concept.