Critical Theology, v. 5, no. 3 (Spring 2023)


Table of contents

  • Introduction, Don Schweitzer
  • Apology, Encounter, and Penitential Pilgrimage, Christine Jamieson
  • Reparations, Religion, and Theology: A Proposal for Perpetual Reconstruction, Joerg Rieger
  • Truth and the Stories We Tell in Dark Times: An Encounter with Hannah Arendt, Scott Kline
  • Salvaging a Pneumatological Insight from Hegel’s Philosophy of History, Don Schweitzer
  • Book Review: Post–World War II Social Christianity and Its Relevance to Pope Francis’ Criticism of NATO, Toby Terrar
    • Jean Boulier. I Was a Red Priest: Memories and Testimonials. New York: Red Star-CWPublisher, 2022. 724 pp.