The Ecumenist, v. 50, no. 3 (Summer 2013)


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  • An Argument for Dissent in Catholic Education, Graham McDonough
  • Islamophobia: “The Dark World of Monster Making”, Michel Elias Andraos
  • Water and the World Council of Churches, Heather Eaton
  • Doing Exegesis in the Shadow of Empire, Robert Hurley
  • The Innovative Theology of the Encyclical Pacem in terris, Gregory Baum
  • Book Notes
    • Janet M. Conway. Edges of Global Justice: The World Social Forum and its ‘Others’. Routledge: New York, 2013. 224 pp.
    • Ross L. Smillie. Practicing Reverence: An Ethic for Sustainable Earth Communities. Kelowna, BC: Copper House-Woodlake Publishing, 2011. 188 pp.